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National Deputies

Please note that although centres from each of the countries below participate in SIOPEN trials, not all hospitals/centres within a particular country may be members of SIOPEN. More information is available here.

In addition some SIOPEN studies may be open only at a limited number of centres.


Country                                      National deputy                           
Australia Toby Trahair
Austria Ruth Ladenstein
Belgium Geneviève Laureys
Czech Republic Josef Malis
Denmark Henrik Schroder
Finland Kim Vettenranta
France Hervé Rubie
Greece Vassilios Papadakis
Hong Kong Godfrey Chan
Hungary Miklós Garami
Ireland Cormac Owens
Israel Isaac Yaniv
Italy Alberto Garaventa
Japan Yoshiyuki Takahashi
New Zealand Michael Sullivan
Norway Ellen Rudd
Poland Walentyna Balwierz
Portugal Ana Maria Forjaz de Lacerda
Serbia Dragana Vujic
Singapore Shui Yen Soh
Slovakia Pavel Bician
Spain Victoria Castel
Sweden Per Kogner
Switzerland Maja Beck-Popovic
United Kingdom Juliet Gray

SIOPEN meetings

Forthcoming meetings:

Berlin (Germany) AGM

25-27 October 2017 

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