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The LINES study is for patients with low or intermediate risk disease.

Patients with high-risk neuroblastoma will typically be treated on a separate high-risk study.

The study is seeking to achieve a number of different things.


Low risk patients

Infants under 3 months old with small localised neuroblastoma tumours will be followed with imaging, rather than having immediate surgery to remove the tumour. Many of these tumours will disappear on their own and no treatment (surgery or chemotherapy) will be required.

For other patients believed to have particularly low risk disease (infants with localised unresectable disease with no life threatening symptoms and no adverse biological features in the tumour), the study will investigate whether treatment for these patients can be safely reduced while still maintaining excellent outcomes

Other low risk patients will be treated according to different subgroups depending on patient and tumour characteristics.


Intermediate risk patients

Outcomes for some older patients (aged over 18 months) with unresectable tumours (those which cannot immediately be removed by surgery) or localised tumours with amplification of the MYCN gene using current treatment approaches are less good than expected. Treatment for these individuals will be increased to include chemotherapy, plus radiotherapy and 13-cis retinoic acid differentiation therapy

Other intermediate risk patients will be treated according to different subgroups depending on patient and tumour characteristic, including tumour chromosome abnormalities.

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